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Private Coaching With David P. Mariano

As a business leader you’re probably pretty clear on what you want and likely have a clear vision for how things should be.

You may have marketing and sales goals. You probably have growth and profit goals. And you definitely have personal goals.

I know, because I’m the same way. But sometimes reaching these goals feels like an uphill battle, doesn’t it?

It’s not because you’re not good or smart enough. And it’s never because you don’t have enough time.

Revealing the unseen and hard-to-see

I understand every business leader has an individual, complicated situation.

The tough part is seeing the entire story for what it is so you can get to the best solution. Often the root cause of a problem is hard to find. But this is natural. We can only see so much when we’re in the weeds.

This is where a coach can help you have breakthroughs.

A business coach can help you uncover better ways to:

  • identify and raise up future leaders of people
  • transfer skills to and train young professionals in service businesses without formal programs
  • get the most out of your people and provide them fulfillment so they stick around
  • balance family and business in a family business
  • and much more …
Business leaders benefit most when they use a coach as a sounding board, embrace challenging the status quo, and want to be held accountable to specific goals established together with the coach.

In a coaching engagement with me you’ll receive:

  • one on one personalized sessions, where I serve as an objective sounding board for decisions big and small
  • conversations tailored to your business issues, NOT generic advice or tactics
  • accountability to ensure you do what you set out to do
  • my 13+ years of experience working with hundreds of companies (I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t)
  • access to my personal network and resources should they help you achieve your goals

Together we can have breakthroughs

Before we begin I think it’s important you understand the price.

Coaching engagements with me are $1,000 a month with an initial term of 6 months, renewable for another term. You’ll have the option to go month to month after 2 consecutive 6-month terms.

Let’s review the value you’ll receive for that investment:

  • the benefits of personal attention from me and personalized advice for your business issues
  • weekly live conversations (in-person, if possible) for the first two months of the engagement and every other week thereafter
  • high accountability to your specific goals (I’ll bother you as often as I need to)
  • access to my extensive network

How it works:

  1. If you would like me to help you be more effective and get better results, please click the Get Started button below and fill out the very short form on the next page.
  2. After reviewing your inquiry I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a introductory phone call to get to know each other a little better. After all, we will be spending a bit of time together in the coming months.

I would be honored to begin working with you as soon as possible. Please click the button below to begin the process.

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